Gigs Gigs Dream Cup Cafe in Springfield It reminds me of Arnold's on "Happy Days" 54884009 The Dream Cup 54884010 BRD House Dayton Band in Englewood 54884011 BRD house 54884012 Artisan's Cafe in Englewood This is from the old location on Wenger 54884013 Taffy's in Eaton Me and my son (Paul Michael) 54884014 Artisan's in Englewood/Clayton This is at the new location on rt. 48 54884015 Taffy's in Eaton 54884016 Dream Cup Cafe Me and Elvis hanging out at the Dream Cup 54884222 Taffy's in Eaton 54884017 The Depot 55082400 Me and Andy Mckee at Newport Kentucky This was taken after he signed my guitar at his concert in Newport. 87569216 me and Laurence Juber Laurence Juber was the lead guitarist for Paul McCartney and Wings. He has done a lot of soundtrack work for television for shows such as Rosanne, and Home Improvement. He also worked on Dirty Dancing and World of Warcraft just to name a few. This was taken after his show at Taffy's in Eaton Ohio. 96364565 Me with Adam Rafferty and Akihiro Tanaka Adam is a former Jazz guitarist from New York that switched to Fingerstyle a few years ago and has acquired quite a following on youtube. He has done many greaqt arrangements of Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder's music. 99316505 Me with Adam Rafferty and Akihiro Tanaka This was taken after a show of Adam's at Scotties Coffee House in Columbus. I got to open for him. Akihiro Tanaka flew in from Japan the night before and came to Scotties. He played a couple of his own songs and did a little jam with Adam. He flew in to go to the NAtional FIngerstyle Competition in Winfield Kansas which he ended up taking 1st place. He is the National Champion in Fingerstyle in the U.S. and Japan! 99316506 Me with Tommy Emmanuel This was taken at the McCauley Performing Arts Center in Cinncinati. He had just finished signing my guitar 102935978 Me with Tommy Emmanuel This was taken at the McCauley Performing Arts Center in Cinncinati. He had just finished signing my guitar 102935979 Me with Doyle Dykes This was taken at a small theater in Fairborn Ohio. It was across the street from and sponsored by Absolute Music. I am holding Doyle custom Taylor guitar with the White Rose inlay. 102935980 Gorunds for Gathering in Clayton Ohio Photo by Scott Stolsenberg 152205694 Me and Phil Keaggy 152205581 Me and Phil Keaggy I asked him to compare our hand sizes because he gets these amazing chords with such small hands. 152205582 Me with Phil Keaggy 152205583 BRD House 154359525 Me and Kim at the Gennet Mansion 154359526 Gennett Mansion in Richmond In 154359527 Grounds for Gathering Clayton Ohio 154359528 Grounds for Gathering Clayton Ohio 154359529 Spirited Goat Coffee House in Yellow Springs 154359530 Me and Bettina Solas at the Spirited Goat I think we are doing "Dust in the wind" 154359531 Me and my wife(Kim) at Dayton Guitarfest 154360094 Dayton Guitarfest 154360095 Dayton Guitarfest 154360096